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Equality is not ‘the same as’

Okay, let’s start at the beginning.  For some reason, we have decided to screw kids up by saying that ‘equality means the same as’.  If you are a parent or a teacher or an aunt or an uncle, or anyone who is talking to a kid about math – re-think.  Equality does not mean the […]

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Are you a Math Person?

Are you a Math Person? Are you Not a Math Person?  Those are the questions I posed in my  TEDxNCSU lecture  from 2012.  In my experience, people in the United States don’t think twice about this question and they see this as a legitimate construct.  I actually think the question itself makes no sense!  (And […]

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Welcome to!

I have designed this site as a resource for Students, Teachers, Parents, College Professors, and Administrators who want  to be part of a community that shares mathematical lessons and ideas that connect to the brain! I began this idea because I was frustrated with the fact that many of the ‘flip the classroom’ videos, including […]

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