Faulkner Contact and Publications

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or through my NC State email:  valerie_faulkner@ncsu.edu

Faulkner List of Publications:


Faulkner, V.N., Stiff, L.V., Marshall, P.L., Nietfeld, J., Crossland, C.L. (2014). Race and teacher evaluations as predictors of algebra placement. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 45(3) pp. 288-311.

Faulkner, V.N., (2013).  Language, Math, and the Common Core.  Phi Delta Kappan, 95 (2), pp. 59-63.  This is a live link – article open to the public through May, 2015 (Thanks to Kappan magazine).

Faulkner, V.N., Cain, C., (2013). Improving the Mathematical Content Knowledge of General and Special Educators: Evaluating a Professional Development Module That Focuses on Number Sense. Teacher Education and Special Education, May 2013 vol. 36 no. 2 115-131.  Published online before print March 25, 2013, doi:10.1177/0888406413479613

Faulkner, V.N., Crossland, C.L., Stiff, L.V. (2013). Predicting Eighth-Grade Algebra Placement for Students with an IEP: Math Performance versus Teacher Perception. Exceptional Children. 79 (3) pp. 329

Cain, C., & Faulkner, V.N. (2011) Teaching number in the early elementary years. Teaching Children Mathematics 18(5), 288-295.

Faulkner, V. (2009). The Components of Number Sense: An instructional model for teachers. Teaching Exceptional Children 41(5), 24-30.   The Components of Number Sense, Graphic


Faulkner, V. & Dupree, S. (2010). The Foundations of Algebra: Student Text and Teacher Resource Book. Portland, Maine: Walch Education.

Faulkner, V. & Dupree, S. (2010). Introduction to High School Mathematics: Student Text and Teacher Resource Book. Portland, Maine: Walch Education.

Predicting Student Eighth Grade Mathematics Placement, 2010. Electronic publication through NC State.

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  1. November 12, 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    I don’t see a place to email you directly. If you have a moment, could you email me so I can ask you a question about a blog entry? Thanks!

  2. Laynie
    November 5, 2014 at 8:23 pm #

    When I tried to acces the article Language, Math, and the Common Core I got an error message. Has the link changed sice it was posted?

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