Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics, Liping Ma

You can order from a local bookstore (the regulator) here.  Also see a study guide is available as well!

The Mathematical Universe: An alphabetical journey…  William Dunham

This is a really fun book that tells the great stories of number in short spurts.  Lots of fun ideas that you can then follow up on from there.

The Number Sense, Stanislas Dehaene

This gets into how the brain processes mathematics.  You will see the analog versus digital stuff in here. I find this stuff particularly interesting from an instructional perspective.

Innumeracy, John Allen Paulos.  This discusses the cultural problem I refer to when I speak, the issue that we have an ‘innumeracy’ problem in general in the United States that needs to be ‘undone’ somehow.  Starting with teachers (and parents) makes sense to me.

A Tour of the Calculus, David Berlinski.  Discusses calculus in a way that makes sense. Some odd analogies used throughout (women’s breasts for no apparent reason) but in general discusses the material in a way that is really understandable.  I suggest this for anyone who is taking or is going to take or re-take calculus.  Or for anyone who wants to know what it was they were supposed to learn when they took calculus.

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