Linear Algebra (Algebra 1, Simple Equations)

Conceptual Algebra Videos  

Watch these videos to re-learn, review, or teach yourself  Linear Algebra.

These videos explain to you Algebra 1 and Simple Equations in a way that will make you a master! Trust me,  a little effort here up front and you will be amazing before you know it!

Intro to Conceptual Algebra-The Brain (Background Info)

Conceptual Algebra -Terms (Background Info)

Conceptual Algebra with Dollar Deals:

1 – Simple Equations – The Parent Equation    X=Y at Dollar Deals

2 – Simple Equations – Independent and Dependent Variables

2B – Simple Equations – Practicing Plotting Points

I made a mistake at about 33 minutes in the Conceptual Algebra Terms (background info) video above in pink. The dreaded ‘put an equal sign when I really just meant to put an arrow or nothing at all’.
See the bottom Left. that is more helpful. thanks!

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