Foundations of Math Support

Here are the links to  Trashketball Trainer Support and Trashketball Trainer Support – Bonus section on integrating across the curriculum.

If you like it, you can thank Carol Moffitt!  She requested this.  Feel free to ask me to do this for a section you have questions about too.

Also – Check out some videos in the Student Help section:

The Conceptual Algebra videos really help with the Dollar Deals section in Unit 7.

The Division of Fraction videos help with Unit 3, Liping Ma, Chapter 3.

Here is a brush-up on issues regarding Equality.  An optional chapter for you to read and then a video I made that discusses equality in more detail.  Equality Chapter – Carpenter, et al.     Equality Video – I made this video for an algebra class I taught this summer.  But the ideas pertain to our work in ELM 310 as well.

Common Links /Videos  that Faulkner/FofM refer to in presentations

  1. Faulkner TEDx Lecture (Analog Brain/Are you a math person)
  2. Video of Circuit number line game (measurement)
  3. Sharon Griffin Website (Number Knowledge Test Information,   Videos including Teddy Bear Number line)
  4. Selected Examples from Faulkner,Dupree Textbook
  5. Video of Denise Spangler/UGa discussing Fractions and the Number line (from Beyond Pizza)
  6. Video of Julie Russo and third grade class using Structures of Equality (Bar Models/Operation Types).  From structure to word problem

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