These videos are designed to Teach you how to think about the math.  As one of my favorite students, Erin H., and I used to say, if you understand it you don’t have to memorize it.   That’s what these videos are all about.

So, if you watch the Khan videos, or other videos that remind you of the steps involved to get to an answers, that’s fine and can be valuable.

But come here to understand WHY things are as they are, and you will be surprised at how you no longer have to memorize so much stuff!  

This page has all the videos in pretty much the order you will see them in school.  I also have them organized by topic in the tabs to this Student Help section.

Let me know how it goes and if you want to see other topics covered.  Remember – if you are having trouble remembering something, it’s probably because it was not explained well enough to connect to your brain, not because there is something the matter with you.  Let me know what your issues are and we can create support that explains what is going on.  Yay!!!


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