Not Free Stuff: Links to useful materials

Sonia and my Extensive Teacher Resource Guides and Teacher Workbooks.  We think this is the state of the art for creating  powerful pre-algebra experience at the high school level.  This material also appropriate for Middle School!   Also, I will let you know if I am ever making money on something.  In this case, neither Sonia nor I make any money on these books – we wrote them when we worked for Wake County and did it on Wake County time.  We are really proud of this product and think you will agree that we spent our time wisely – We just could not find something out there that we felt comfortable with.  Nothing seemed to support the students or the teachers in creating a really valuable learning experience for these high school classes.  We think this does!


  • Henry Borenson has created a really genius system for teaching students how to think through what you are doing when you solve equations: Hands-on-Equations.  He focuses, on the important concept of the EQUALITY in the equation, and let’s that understanding drive the thinking.  Dr. Borenson added supplemental materials and explanations to his Hands-on-Equations in our books linked above.
  • Equabeams are really cool for showing young students how equality is about balance and having the same value.
  • Marilyn Burns is a great resource for quality materials.  We use the Marilyn Burns Fraction kit extensively in Foundations of Mathematics and in the Warm-ups (Math Labs) created for students who are in inclusion or resource settings at the Middle School level.

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