Math, Mindset, Equity, and etc.

This page is dedicated to videos and articles that I have found or people have sent me related to Mindset, Grit, Equity, and other ideas about learning.  More to come…


Start Here with this Carol Dweck video.  From there you can fish around.  I have also linked a couple of my favorites.

Carol Dweck on “yet…”

And some other good ones…

Overcoming ANXIETY – Here is a nice article that ties in with Growth Mindset and how to help overcome anxiety in students.



and Here is the article by Ericsson that kicked off the ‘10,000 hours’ idea.

This guy critiques the popular 10,000 hours idea.  Unwittingly, he is just reinforcing what Ericson says in his work.  The practice one engages in must be Deliberate and Meaningful.  But it’s worth the read.


Go Pack: Here is an op-ed piece that our department head (Paola Sztajn) and our assistant dean (Michael Maher) wrote about colleges of education: The fallacy of mediocrity

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