Numbers are Composed of Other Numbers: From Subitizing to Break Apart to Make Ten

This is a long video (25 minutes).  I wanted to have a spot where you could see the sequence from Subitizing through Break Apart to Make Ten (BAMT) strategies. This is a critical sequence that really goes from Kindergarten and subitizing through number bonds within ten and up to BAMT. This second grade class was, in general,  still stuck in ‘ones world’ when it came to adding within 20 so I worked with Jessica Kerr (NC State Class of 13) and Pam Almond (Combs Elementary) to support the students in developing their ability to use stronger strategies within 20. It is highly desirable for second graders to leave second grade with this skill intact.  It will support them as they move to multiplicative thinking and processing information involving larger numbers.

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