Subitizing Videos by Level

Use these videos, organized by levels. Begin at Perceptual Subitizing 1 (P1). There are multiple videos for each level. Stay within a level until you have 100% speed and mastery with 95%-100% of students.

These are speedy for a reason. To subitize is to see a value suddenly without underlying mathematical computation (such as adding). You just see it!! This can be done with quantities/sets up to 5. After that, the brain clumps together numbers in order to quantify the value of the set, in order to know the value of the set. We can often Subitize to understand the cardinal number of a set (the total quantity in the group) WITHOUT the need to count. This is a mathematical revelation.

For more on this see Subitising through the years, Faulkner, Ainslie, 2017. Subitizing: What is it? Clements, 1999; and the book The Number Sense, Stanislas Dehaene first issued in 1999.

Each level has several sets so that you can play with each level for many sessions. Each set has a practice video where I talk and run through the set as if children were present. Each practice video has one talking point that connects to the curriculum. Each set has a ‘live action’ video where you can hit play and I will take care of the timing for you. Pause and discuss the talking point for the video. Each set also has a powerpoint presentation just like the set’s videos. Content connections are noted throughout. Also see Subitising through the years, Faulkner, Ainslie, 2017.

PERCEPTUAL LEVEL 1 (0-3, Metacognition: Subitizing!!, Conservation of Number)

Perceptual 1 Set 1 Practice Video

Perceptual 1 Set 1 Live Action Video

Perceptual 1 Set 2

PERCEPTUAL LEVEL 2 (0-5, Metacognition: Subitizing!!, Conservation of Number)

CONCEPTUAL LEVEL 1 (0-5, Composing small sets to process the value of the larger set)

I am currently Creating these in Spring 2020. There will be more in days and weeks to come.

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