November 2 or 4

Supporting your Focus Students Tasks 1-3

Stereotype Threat, Teaching, and Building Relationships

Consider your Focus Students. (See Task 3 Prompt 2 a,b,c AND Task 3 prompt 4 a,b). How might your students be affected by Stereotype Threat and how have you addressed this?  Perhaps in your reflection you will realize you did not address it as well as you might have.  Remember that Stereotype Threat does not mean “the threat that someone might stereotype you”  it means “an internal sense that you are not as good at something because you have internalized societal prejudices that have become so common that we think of them as ‘norms'”.  In other words, Stereotype Threat is societal prejudices that become individually internalized and begin to affect people’s mindsets about themselves–without them even realizing it!

1 page write-up: Answer each of the questions that Jo Boaler poses throughout the 3 videos (We have adjusted them slightly for you)

What do you think you can do as a teacher to counter these damaging stereotypes for your focus students.



Why or how do you think one message can impact students, so profoundly, even a year later?



How did you design your lessons for Task 1/Task 2 that considered these issues?  For instance, consider your questioning techniques, your ‘set-up’ and how you discussed the learning task at hand, and how you created open-ended questions so that all students could engage with a growth mindset.

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