Module 3 – October 12 thru October 26th Exploring Classroom Activities

The bulk of class will be us working on the qualitative/quantitative/data/information that you have begun to generate.

October 12 –   Upload a VERY ROUGH draft of what you hope to investigate.  For instance, this might be:

1 sentence explaining the type of articles you will need for your very short Lit Review.

4-6 sentences explaining your set-up – What class/classes/teachers you will be investigating and what data this will generate.  Data includes transcripts of student discussions, samples of student work.  This should all be things generated within the regular flow of instruction.  This is an Action Inquiry project and NOT a research project.  Keep it simple.  For instance, I might say I am going to do three activities from Empson and Levi and then analyze the patterns of student learning across the whole class. My partner will do the same at her grade level and then we will discuss findings.

2 sentences describing your action plan in terms of what needs to get done when (lesson, collect data, how many sessions?)

2 sentences that Raise questions and concerns (logistical, mathematical, behavioral) about your direction and focus.    In other words, what do you want feedback on?

1 sentence – the Journal you intend to submit to.

Do not report to class.  Office appointments available as needed and by appointment.

October 19 – Report on in-field activities.  Short, ungraded presentation to report on your planned focus of investigation. Feedback provided by group.   Presentation should include a few visual powerpoint slides or copies to hand out (student work, discussion transcript sections, questions on how things connect to readings).

MEET in Poe Hall Room 120.

October 26 –  Paper Outline/Plan of Action and Lit Review support.  Time for Short presentation of NCCTM presentations as requested.

MEET in Poe Hall Room 120.

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