Subtraction Video and Discussion

This Presentation is due by class presentation date (3/21/2016)

Please note that this is a problematic class session to miss.  Please try to avoid this. Of course I understand that things come up.  But try your best to make this class date work.

Subtraction Video and Discussion (15 points)

The purpose of this project is for you to think carefully about your subtraction instruction and to consider how you  are going to communicate to your mathematics community.

For your video, you will be working in small groups to tape, select, and edit individual video clips. Each one of you has already taped yourselves demonstrating a lesson involving subtraction. Next –

  • Carefully consider your emerging understanding of the brain and how it processes mathematics, place value, subtraction, base-ten strategies and etc. from course readings and class discussion.
  • Reflecting on these new understandings, brainstorm with your table group about different methods you might employ to teach subtraction in a way that also develops number sense and connections.
  • Consider what you have learned so far that you will want your parents/guardians/co-teachers/administrators to also understand about how you are approaching this topic (place value and subtraction within 20).
  • Record a 2-5 minute video that is designed to explain a key mathematical topic related to subtraction within 20 (or place value as it relates to subtraction within 20) and why you will be approaching the topic this way in your class. Remember that your parents and colleagues may not have the new understandings that you have.  They may see you subtilizing and think it is irrelevant or ‘baby work’.  It is your job to pave the way and affect the culture in our community so that parents, teachers, administrators understand why you are approaching the task this way.
  • You will be given class time to develop and/or review these videos.  As a group, you will watch the videos you have recorded. You should select 1 video from the initial set of videos to serve as your “Before” video. You will create one video for your math community (parents, students, fellow teachers). We will call this your “After” video. Total run time of videos all together should be no more than 4-5 minutes.
  • You will present your videos and be prepared for a Q and A session during Week  indicated in the syllabus

Your presentations (including video run time) should be NO LONGER THAN 12 minutes (6 minutes –video/ppt slides + 6 minutes Q and A).

Further Breakdown:

  • A 30-75 second clip of teaching BEFORE, from the initial recordings.
  • A 2-4 minute second clip explaining a key topic and how it will be addressed in your classroom (AFTER).
  • These videos will be part of a Powerpoint presentation. You will not present during your PPT and video presentation.  You may even want to record the slide timings and let it run like a movie.  The time limit on these slides, including the videos, is 6 minutes.   The Powerpoint will contain only the following 7 slides:
    • 1) Group Members
    • 2) Before Video
    • 3) Bulleted List of weaknesses in Before video
    • 4) After
    • 6) Explicit connections to reading for After videos
    • 7) Bulleted list of things that were hard or that you still have questions about or need to work on.
  • Q and A: There will then be a 6 minutes period for the class and instructors to ask questions to ALL members of the table group.

See Rubric on Moodle.



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