July 22 On-line Discussion

Topic:  The Order of Operations: What math are we teaching?

Read: Order of Ops for ELM 558

Also Read textbook  – Carpenter, et al:  Chapter 8

Go to the teacher support section of valeriefaulknermathclub.com and read these three sections in the Order of Operations section:  Power and Inverse Operations, Power and the Unit, Power and Algebraic Expressions.  Also watch the video in that last section (Power and Algebraic Expressions) (See screen shot below to clarify).

Once you have read manuscript and supplemental sections, go to the ELM 558  section of Order of Ops and listen to the audio enhanced powerpoint.  You mus then go to the regular powerpoint and go through the questions and answers about particular students.

Finally- go to Moodle and post in the discussion board. Write your own thoughts first.  Then read and respond to TWO other peoples’ reflections.

To review:

1- Read Manuscript (linked above) and Textbook Chapter 8

2 – Read supplemental sections (see screen shot below).

3 – Watch video in the power and algebraic expressions section.

4 – Listen to the audio in ELM 558 Order of Ops section (see screen shot below).

5 – Answer the questions and review the interactive powerpoint in the ELM 558 Order of Ops section (see screen shot below)

6 – Go to MOODLE and Post a reflection

7 – Read several other reflections and respond to at least TWO other people’s posts.

ELM 558 DIREX for Order of Ops

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