July 29 F2F

Topic: Review, Discuss, prepare for Final Presentations.

Final Project ELM 558 Summer 14

As you prepare your final project/discussions keep these thoughts in mind (goals from class on syllabus).  Bring the spirit of these ideas into your presentations and your choice of video clips.

  • Intellectual risk taking: demonstrated willingness to offer and pursue ideas and suggestions that go beyond the ordinary
  • Making connections:demonstrated ability to connect the theoretical and the practical, to relate specific ideas to larger themes
  • Thinking clearly on paper: demonstrated proficiency in expressing ideas, organizing information, and communicating in writing
  • Contributing to the community: demonstrated willingness to share information and ideas with the group and to support others in their efforts to build understanding
  • Commitment to developing listening and speaking skills:       demonstrated effort to develop effective speaking skills and active listening and responding skills
  • Commitment to exploring new ways to think about teaching and learning mathematics: demonstrated willingness to being open to trying out new ways of teaching mathematics and to allowing children opportunities to make sense of mathematics.

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