Week 12 -Mock SST Meetings: Schedule to be posted here


317-K POE HALL   – 

Mock SST schedule

Don’t be nervous – be prepared.  Have information you would want to have going into a meeting with a parent about a student.  You can bring your Learning Trajectory book and/or work off of notes.  That is no problem at all.  Professionals have notes!  Don’t think of it as a ‘test’ of your memory, but instead an opportunity for you to talk about all the cool stuff you learned about the student.  Remember to ‘talk through’ the Learning Trajectories.  Instead of ‘the student doesn’t know anything about place value’   you say (for example):

The student has mastered cardinality (which means…), has a great grasp of using counting as a strategy and one to one correspondence (which is important because).  Student also subtilizes well (which is great because).  Student is definitely a counter from N (and I know this because).  Student has not yet demonstrated that she understands how to use the base-ten system to her advantage.  For instance…   Therefore I think the next ‘trajectories’ or skills/concepts we need to work on are   _________.  This is important because…

Remember you are to both demonstrate that you understand the student and her needs AND that you can explain this in a way that is meaningful to a parent.  Use the support documents and videos I have provided AND your LT (blue Clements/Sarama) Book and you will be in great shape.


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