September 7 or 9 On-Line Assignment: Bring To Class on September 14 or 16

FAULKNER CLASS – September 9 is Optional.  I will be there up on the 5th floor if you want to meet and talk shop.

Bring to Class September 14 or 16

Bring your 1 page f/b to class.

Front of one pager- Response to these questions keeping the four videos in mind (one page total!). 

Questions for one page write up about videos:

  • How will you use this information as you imagine your own classroom?
  • Perhaps even more importantly – how will you let this affect YOU.  Choose a student who you notice you have a ‘fixed mindset’ about.  Notice what you are thinking to yourself about this student. Write it down.  We will explore these thoughts as a group.
  • Use 1 page to respond to BOTH of the two bullets above.


Dweck Mindset

This is a video about Mindset that you discussed in ELM 310 last year.  WATCH it for a REFRESHER.  You will need this information now as you begin to work with students.

Student Beliefs, Mindset, Bullying, and Violence.  Dweck.

This next video again discusses the power of mindset.  This research is about HS, but you can teach this to young kids

This Video you also watched last year. Now is when you need it!  Re-watch. 

This video provides some ideas regarding conversation starters you might have with students to create conversations about mindset.  they are geared for adults. CLICK ON THIS LINK.

In this video Dweck provides examples of what to ask adults interviewing for a job to help identify their mindset. Adapt these for young students. 

Back of the one pager – Write 3 questions you could ask students either individually or in a group that might help you to see how they are thinking about learning and/or might provide opportunity to discuss mindset.



Optional:  here is an article about the bullying research

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