July 10 F2F

Topic:  Word Problems/Structures of Equality/Singapore Bar Modeling Concepts Part 1

READ AFTER Class on July 10th

Hoven and Garelick, 2007

Carpenter, et al Chapter 9  –   Remember to watch videos from book as well (this is true every time you read chapter(s) from Carpenter et al (our Textbook).

Assigned July 10 – Due July 14    Q&D Write-up 4 –Article Reflection

NOTE – you have lots of readings to do for our Math Camp next weekend.  Plan to READ and WATCH VIDEOS  to be ready for next weekend.  Make a plan for getting it all read or watched by Thursday the 17th.  List of readings and videos and suggested plan (some live article links are posted on the Math Camp section of our website because it has a password protection):

July 11 Hoven and Garelick, 2007  and Carpenter, Chapter 9 (follow up from class on July 10th)

July 12 & 13  Expert Performance Article and  Faulkner Article

July 14 Watch a bunch of videos

Start Here with this Carol Dweck video.  From there you can fish around.  I have also linked a couple of my favorites.

Carol Dweck on “yet…”

And some other good ones…

July 16th – 20th    These videos reinforce what we will be doing in class.  You can watch them before and after class sessions.   Watch these videos that teach Algebra in a different way!

For the 17th-19th:

Have these worksheets ready (on line) for class:  NCIHS Dollar Deals only

July 20th: You can read this after math camp–

Topic 2:  How does this affect my instruction of younger students?

Walkowiak, 2014  Prep for second student and final project.

Carpenter, et al  Chapter 5

Also Remember:

Due July 10 (or soon thereafter!):   Q&D Write-up 3–Formative Assessment of Order of Operations – Write up a one page report on your assessment of student’s understanding of the Order of Operations

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