Module 2 – September 28 thru October 12 – Learning Trajectories, Rational Number, and Measurement

CLASS PLAN Class Plan ELM 556

Trashketball Powerpoint

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Practitioner Journal Articles:   (these are for you to peruse to help you think about your own articles).

Here is the practitioner version of the Moss and Case article we read last week.

Here is Temple Walkowiak’s article on explaining the common core to Parents.  Hot off the press!

Here is a manuscript of my Equality article I have been trying to get published (faulkner, walkowiak, lee, cain).  Defining Equality for Precision and Discussion

For September 28

READ: Empson and Levi Introducation and Chapters 1 & 2.

Look at the equal sharing problems for your grade level (or for a grade level of student you can work with this week).  If you get a chance, try out a problem or two with some students and bring in any sample work generated.

Also – Connect this reading to our previous work in this class and in other classes.  Is any of this new material?  Reiteration of things you have already learned?  How do these ideas fit in with ideas regarding the circuit number line and/or the beaker activity?

For October 5th

READ: Empson and Levi Chapters 3 and 4. Try out problems and connect to previous readings.  And oh yeah, how does measurement fit in to any of this?  We will look at Measurement standards in CCSS-M. Take a look at them ahead of time.

WRITE: – Have an outline – BY OUTLINE I JUST MEAN SCRATCHED OUT IDEA – NOTHING FORMAL of what you plan to write about ready for class by October 5th.

Also choose the journal you plan to write for.    Print out, jot down, or have bookmarked, the requirements for that journal.

Who is your AUDIENCE?  Why are you writing this and who can it help/inform?

Are you planning to demonstrate your thinking  or student thinking?  Or neither?  Maybe explaining something?

Will you do a short intervention and discuss your findings (and by findings this can be your notes and reflections and transcripts of student discussion)?   OR    Will you describe an activity you think will be useful to other teachers (Teaching Children Mathematics loves this sort of stuff) and how this plays out in your class?   OR  Will you be discussing how an activity allows for differentiation/sameation across grade levels?   OR   Will you explain a topic of Rational Numbers/Measurement to a particular audience?  Parents?  Math Coaches?   OR   Something else?

CLICK HERE!  Draft Buddy Paper Outline – THESE ARE ALL JUST SUGGESTIONS to get you started

CLASS PLAN Class Plan ELM 556

October 12th ONLINE CLASS –

Read Empson and Levi Chapters 5 and 6: Try out problems and connect to previous readings.

Discussion board posted on Moodle Site:  FIRST DRAFT buddies to review ideas for your writing projects.  You (and your partner if you have one)  will post your early draft to Moodle.   You will then provide feedback to two people and receive feedback from two people.

20% Mid-Term Exam/October 12th ON-line feedback to others. I will review both the feedback you are providing to other students and also your ‘FIRST DRAFT’ This is not hard core.  I just want ideas fleshed out informally. Think about your plan and jot it down. DO NOT worry about formatting or Fancy Pants stuff.  Remember who I am and think about what I would want.  Function over Form here – You can even curse (not really but I am trying to make a point) or use the word Aint (yes you can actually do that)  if you want.  I just want something that fleshes out what you are planning to do.  Use the outlines I have provided if they help. This will be your 20 points for the midterm.  See place to post and discuss on MOODLE

60% ‘Noticing ‘, ‘teacher moves’, and learning trajectories around rational numbers and measurement–
You will videotape several class sessions with your students and choose a section to transcribe and analyze (you can also AUDIOTAPE AND TAKE Pictures). This will be modeled upon the Ball chapter “halves, pieces, and twoths’. You will also present your findings to class to generate feedback and to discuss with the class.

20% Discussion boards related to your field work on this project.

20% Written final product that will be ARTICLE SUBMISSION. Page limits and other requirements according to journal chosen.
20% Presentation of final product that will include video and talking points for your colleagues to generate discussion. 30 minutes.

*Here is even more outline support:

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