NKT, Informal Assessment, and Mock SST

ACTIVITIES FOR INTERVENTIONS – Number line games, subtizing, Break Apart to make ten.  Also how-to videos.  It’s all here.

 Once at the link use password:          runninwiththepack

Assignment Due by date of Mock SST Appointment.

Rubric on Moodle

Link here to make appointment time

This assignment centers around your assessment of student, your preparation for a meeting with student guardians and student support team (Mock SST), and your ability to communicate important ideas about student mathematical learning verbally and through the use of visual supports.

2) You will take that information and use it to perform an informal follow-up.  You will use the information you have gained about the student in steps 1 and 2 to develop an understanding of student through the Learning Trajectories and Critical Learning Phases.

3) You will prepare yourself to have a Mock SST meeting with the ‘parent’.  We will meet in small groups and listen to each other’s reports as though we are the parent and then as though we are colleagues.

4) You will develop an intervention plan for the student and communicate that plan in the Mock SST meeting.

Long term prep:   At some point you will need to ASSESS a student with NKT and informal follow-up AND intervene with that student for 3+ sessions.  You will then need to be prepared to have a “Mock Student Support Team” Meeting with me and a few other colleagues (classmates) to discuss your findings and impressions of student.  I have outlined this process below:

1) Have all tools for NKT ready (chips and print-outs:  Number Knowledge Test (NKT in pdf) and  NKT Diagrams   Administration information for NKT. )

2) Re-read Administration directions and  some important issues to consider around the NKT. You will need to read this to avoid some very common mistakes.

3) Work with teacher to arrange two sessions to assess student (NKT in one session, follow-up in second session).

4) Assess Student.  This includes NKT (one session).  Follow-up interview (second session).

5) Engage in three follow up intervention sessions with student. Do NOT get creative.  Use the research-based and tested strategies we discuss in class. Ask questions about your student in class so that you have sound intervention plan in place!

At least 1 of these intervention sessions should be done before the Mock SST meeting so you know your student well.  Ideally 2 or 3 of them will be done before the meeting.

Other important information:

Professional Dos and Don’ts (Pro dos and donts in pdf)– support with professional language when discussing students. You will lose points if you fall into the ‘don’t’  category with your language either in write-up or during Mock SST.  You will gain points for speaking professionally about student and in terms of student learning trajectories met and learning trajectory next steps. Remember to use what you know about learning as you discuss with parent.

Here is Sharon Griffin’s website with the Number Knowledge Test administration  and materials information.  (Click on Assessment link).  These are the same materials I have provided for you above.  But this is the source if you ever need it. The test is available for public use.  You may share it far and wide.


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