Module 4 – November 2 thru December 4 Writing and Sharing

November 2nd – Analyzing Data

Plan to have all DATA for your paper.  Class Samples, transcripts, snapshots, etc.

Class dedicated to reviewing your data and honing in on your ‘findings’.  What will you focus on in your paper.  Why?  Do you need anything else?

E&L Chapter 9

November 9

Class by Appointment and/or work with partner on paper.   You have your data.  You have been provided feedback.  Write, Write, Write.

November 16th –

Short Presentations:  What are the key points of each paragraph in your paper?  Walk us through your draft and what you think you are saying.    We will provide feedback.

November 23rd –  Paper uploaded for review by November 23rd at Midnight.  (That’s like 11:55pm Monday night!).   Do not report to class.  WRITE or MEET with partner to WRITE.

November 30th –

Review feedback in class with your partner.  Begin Re-write in class.

December 7th.  Presentation and Submission party.

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