Syllabus + August: In Schools – OnLine Assignments Due by first Face-to-Face Class August 31 or September 2

Welcome to your Senior Year!

Faulkner ELM 400_ sec. 041-043_2015

ELM400 Dates & Schedule

Link for Office Appointments

There are Three Re-direct week assignments:

#1 and #2 Print out Front and Back:  These 1-page write ups described below should be ‘talking points’ to stimulate your discussion with a small group and the class regarding your insights. Cram a lot of ideas into the small space.  Don’t worry about perfect prose, etc.

#3 The Student Work Samples should be brought in with some basic organization.  If you have more than one assignment represented, put them in different sections organized by folders or by paper clips.  If you have pictures for your student samples have them organized into one file so that they are easy to peruse.

#1) Describe the Classroom Context  1 Page  (Front)

This assignment starts you thinking about your first EdTPA assignment (see pages 49-50) about Classroom Context.  It also asks you to connect your learnings about building a Positive Classroom Climate to your Senior Year class placement.

I asked Betsy Knight to generate some questions to consider as you write this up.   Use these prompts to help you document what you see as you set-up the classroom and as you witness teacher-student interactions to create your one page write up.

  • Classroom Procedures posted and enforced?
  • Behavior management system in place?
  • Do you see use of Positive behavior management strategies?
  • Specific praise for doing the right thing?  Too much or too little?  Is it genuine?  Do the kids “buy in?”
  • Morning Meeting? Is there time for sharing, greeting each other, and are social skills modeled?
  • Dealing with disruption appropriately?  Is this done privately?
  • Stating behavioral and academic expectations often- preferable before each new lesson/activity
  • Building strong classroom climate/community – What does the teacher do to build this up?
  • Looking at the classroom library for books that convey the message of acceptance, character, diversity, relationship building, etc…
  • Is there a plan for transitions in place, taught, and used?
  • Is there a plan in place for parent volunteers?
  • How does the teacher walk the students in line in the halls?  Is there a school procedure for this?
  • Is there a school wide positive reinforcement program in place that all teachers use and share the same language?
  • How is the classroom set up in regards to student desks, reading corner, hands on centers?

#2) WATCH Daniel Ariely VIDEO   (also linked below). Write-up  1 Page (Back)

  • Give 2 examples of how these experiments and the implications of the findings might play out for you as a teacher. Consider also the type of ‘work’ you ask of students
  • Think about (and write about) how the findings in this video connect with the idea of Classroom Climate.
  • Include an ‘aha’ moment you had while watching the video or something you think is particularly interesting or cool.

#3) COLLECT As much Mathematics Student Work Samples as you can in the first two weeks of class. BRING THEM TO CLASS on August 31/September 2nd.  You do not need to bring literally everything but IDEALLY – this would include the work of all students in the class on some early assessment assignments.  This could include the Number Knowledge Test (score sheets and notes), a pre-test by the teacher, classwork that had students drawing pictures to make meaning of mathematics.  If your K or 1st grade students (in particular) have no written work samples, then take some pictures of all students’ work for a particular assignment.   You may have questions about this – just do the best you can given these directions.  We will use what we have for our discussion in class.   This is not ‘graded’ per se but will give us the information we need to start discussing assessment data. We will check to make sure you have put effort in to contributing to class by bringing student samples from your class.

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