July 8th F2F Class – Readings and assignments

Topic: Learning by Doing – We will work on some classic ideas and problems as a class.

This is Due AFTER Class on July 8th.

Questioning and Discourse Write-up 2: Reflect on our work in class today, particularly our work with the Pool Border Problem and the other open-ended tasks in which we engaged. How did the nature of our tasks affect our discussions? Did anything unexpected happen?  Does this remind you of the work you did in Algebra class as a K-16 student?  If so, explain, if not, explain the difference.  Upload on Moodle.

Again – stay focused.  this is just a one page write up. Be precise and make connections.  For instance, better to say “when Sally said n + 1 = z  I got confused, but then when Nelly wrote the picture on the board using elves to represent the n and the z  I started to make the connection of how blah blah blah”  then to say “lots of things my classmates said helped me to understand”.    Or, “I started to better be able to visualize open ended questions for my second graders by noticing how Winnie was better able to explain things while she was pointing at the corners in her drawing”  then to say, “the pictures helped.”   Also consider connecting your reflections about class to things you have read so far.


Also Remember –

Due July 10:   Q&DWrite-up 3–Formative Assessment of Order of Operations – Write up a one page report on your assessment of student’s understanding of the Order of Operations

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